CEMEX Go Developer Center is the natural next step in the successful advancement of out digital platform, after reaching more than 30,000 clients in all of the countries in which we operate. It is designed to build digital solutions for each of its clients's businesses through the use of public and private APIs. CEMEX Go Developer Center is designed to enable users to connect with different entities in the industry, accelerate their evolution, and promote new business models, while allowing the possibility of reducing costs and accelerating time for the development of new digital capabilities for each of its customers.

Developer Personas

The developer personas that interacts with CEMEX Go Developer Center are anyone who desire to provide services with CEMEX and Industry public information, CEMEX Go Clients and CEMEX Go Partners

CEMEX Go Clients
Individuals and organizations that have one or more CEMEX Go accounts and uses CEMEX Go for their daily project management activities.

CEMEX Go Partners
CEMEX Go Partners provide valuable help to provide CEMEX Go users a better user experience, performance and efficiency.

CEMEX Go Developer Center Overview

The Developer Center serves as the central hub for CEMEX Go API documentation and is your resource information to build your integration. It comprises a number of sections that are available to view without requiring a developer account and more sections that requires your developer account. Let's take a look how they are organized.


The section APIs or better known as Products allows you to know the different existing CEMEX Go APIs. It contains a brief description of each API you can use and serves to know how to execute them including their receiving parameters, headers and body parameters. It also let you know the resulting fields after executing them and sample codes. Clicking the Products tab takes you to the CEMEX Go API documentation.


The section Products allows you to create, modify and delete Apps. Creating an App is necessary to call CEMEX Go API, inside every App you create, you can find the necessary parameter called  Ocp-Apim-Subscription-Key and App-Code. In order to call the different types of APIs, it is necessary to create a subscription corresponding to the API type. One subscription can not be used for different types of API. Clicking the Products tab takes you to the page where create and edit your App.


Help section provides relevant information about Developer Center including the different Developer Personas, the existing environments and the detail steps to call Public, Private and Partner APIs including a detail example of each one. Clicking the Help tab takes you to the page where you can know about Developer Center and its purpose.


Quickstart section describes a quick review of the necessary steps to start using the Developer Center and the CEMEX Go APIs. Clicking the Quickstart tab displays relevant information about Developer Center.


The section Guides provides with information on the importance of coding standards documentation and how to using them effectively to achieve a variety of benefits such as reduced development costs, reduced risk of project failure, increased productivity, reduced complexity, prevent hidden costs, enable code reuse and eases maintenance. Clicking the Guides tab takes you to the page with the information of coding standards documentation.

Use Cases

The section Use Cases explains at high level, some real examples of successful use cases where CEMEX APIs are being used. In the case of private APIs, we are working with a few CMMI-certified software development companies, to add more functionalities to CEMEX Go requested by some of our customers.Clicking the Use Cases tab takes you to some of real example of successful use cases where CEMEX APIs are being used.


The section Frequently Ask Questions also known as FAQ provides the most common questions and answers regarding Developer Portal usage. Clicking the FAQ tab takes you to a page that provides several information regarding the Developer Portal itself.

Request a Feature or a New API 

The Request a Feature or a New API section leads you to a form where you are able to share any API ideas for new features or comments. The ideas are anonymous. Clicking the Request a Feature or a New APItab will lead you to a page to share your opinions.


The section Account allows you to review the frequency of calls you have made divided by the type of product, subscriptions and APIs during the last hour, day, last 7 days, last 30 days and last 3 months additionally it contains your account information. Clicking the Account tab displays you several information about your the frequency you have made API calls and your account information.

Subscription Management

The Subscription Management section contains the different subscriptions you have on the different Apps you have created. The Subscription Management page only displays you your subscriptions. Clicking the Account tab allows you to review your existing subscriptions and your user information. It allows you to regenerate your subscriptions and review the ones which have an active status. 

API Products

CEMEX Go API products are divided on Public, Private and Partner.


Allows any website owners and app creators provide their users with CEMEX and industry public information.

CEMEX Go API Private

Helps CEMEX customers integrate CEMEX Go information into their own internal systems.


To make CEMEX Go's API explorable, we have provided the following environments you can use for testing:


Domain for browser access and API gateway access to a sandbox environment


Domain for browser access and API gateway access to a quality environment


Domain for browser access and API gateway access to a production environment


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