CEMEX Go Developer Center is the natural next step in the successful advancement of our digital platform


The Developer Center serves as the central hub for CEMEX Go API documentation and is your resource information to build your integration. It comprises several sections that are available to view without requiring a developer account and more sections that requires your developer account. Look how they are organized. 

After reaching more than 30,000 with CEMEX Go, in all the countries in which we operate. CEMEX Go Developer Center is designed to build digital solutions for each of our clients’ businesses with public and private APIs. CEMEX Go Developer Center is designed to enable users to connect with different entities in the industry, accelerate their evolution, and promote new business models, while allowing the possibility of reducing costs and accelerating time for the development of new digital capabilities for each of our customers. 


Developer Personas

The developer personas that interact with CEMEX Go Developer Center are anyone who desire to provide services with CEMEX and Industry public information, CEMEX Go Clients and CEMEX Go Partners


CEMEX Go Clients

Individuals and organizations that have one or more CEMEX Go accounts and use CEMEX Go for their daily project management activities.


CEMEX Go Partners

We can offer you available connectivity solutions with industry systems to start interacting with CEMEX.  

How does the platform work? 

Connect your system or a construction management software to CEMEX system through APIs.


The application relies on the use of APIs, but why APIs?  

  • The application relies on the use of APIs, but why APIs?   

  • API stands for Application Programming Interface which allows applications to communicate with one another without any UI application (desktop/Web). In other terms, it is an access point to an app that can access a database. 

  • Interaction with APIs is present in every day on the web. Essentially, APIs make possible to move data between various programs quickly.  

  • APIs are created by companies leaving parts of their software “open” so other software can easily integrate with them and request information. This means versality to connect to many different systems for example: Google maps, weather forecast, analytics, algorithms.  

  • Real-time connection is what makes APIs so effective when compared with EDIs. APIs can transfer data in less than a second.  

  • When using APIs to transfer supply chain data, companies can automatically add pickup requests into a carrier’s system, which can greatly improve efficiency by removing the time it would take to make each request manually.  

Types of APIs

CEMEX Go has two types of APIs depending on their objective and function: public and private, learn a little more about each one and how they are used. 


Private APIs

Our Private APIs require a security process to integrate your system with CEMEX. You must create a CEMEX Go Developer Center account and sign in to visualize and use these APIs. 

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Public APIs

Public APIs are ready to be accessed on a public domain. Subscribe to this product to get a catalogue of all CEMEX’s plants. 

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In this environment you can test or upgrade procedure against data, hardware, and software that closely simulates the Production environment. 



This is the currently released version of the application, accessible to the client/end users. This version preferably does not change except for during scheduled releases.


Index / Basic Concepts

Find the different sections available at the CEMEX Go Developer Center with their general terminology, to have a better navigation experience.

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