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To start using our API services, you must be registered in the developer center.


Registration is free, just click on the SIGN UP button and fill the requested fields. Once registered you will receive a welcome email to the platform.

Get CEMEX Account

Getting a CEMEX Go account is a separate process done through CEMEX Go, please call your global contact to create an account . Click here: https://www.cemex.com/products-services/global-contacts

Browse the available APIs

To browse available APIs, click on Products on the top menu.

You can use the supplied APIs to quickly construct a fully featured application.


Types of APIs

CEMEX Go has two types of APIs depending on their objective and function: public and private, learn a little more about each one and how they are used. 


Private APIs

Our Private APIs require a security process to integrate your system with CEMEX.  You must create a CEMEX Go Developer Center account and sign in to visualize and use these APIs. 

For more information, please click below. 

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Public APIs

Public APIs are ready to be accessed on a public domain.  Subscribe to this product to get a catalogue of all CEMEX’s plants 

Take a look at the options CEMEX has to offer. 

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